Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas cards and the to do list!

So tis the season for Christmas pictures and shopping lists, winter storms and cozy nights watching Christmas movies.... Well this year I ran out of time to get our cards ordered so I came up with an idea to make them my self.... I mean the pictures and all! So here are a few.....

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Wedding day October 8th 2011

Yes I am a few months behind but I am working on getting back to blogging. So as you all know Tony and I got married in Las Vegas in October.
The plane was to have the family drive down to Vegas to celebrate with us. We Drove down to St. George on Friday and then Saturday morning we all headed to Vegas.My Sister inlaw Jenn helped me get all together
Tony and I drove down an hr sooner than the rest of the crew so that we could go get out Marriage License. Everything was going smooth until we hit traffic on the freeway then was running late and could not find the licence bureau. But it all worked out. My Daddy walked me down the isle which I thought I would never get another chance for him to do that becasue he was not there for me first wedding
But this time my entire family was there. My BFF April evern drove down as my MH. It was wonderful because they were not at my first wedding because it happened so fast. After the wedding we went to the Las Vegas Temple to take pictures her are a few.

Then after words had a great dinner with the family.!And of course my brother had to step out side and decorate our car with oreos and streamers.... My poor car
Then off to our hotel at the Plaza for the rest of the week. It was a a great day and we did it the cheap way and it still was one of the greatest days of my life! I am so blessed to have found Tony and to have stuck by eachother all these years. I am glad he waited till I was ready to get married and never rushed me into this. I love him so much.Any way enough of the mushy stuff. SO the following weekend our great friends, Pat & Mickele hosted a reception for us at their house.I cannot thank them enough for everyting they had done. Thanks to Carol as well for all her help.
It was so special because all of my family was able to come from far and near. Here are a few pics of the reception and the great people that came.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I said Yes! He said like soon! I said when, he said Oct!

Tony and I are finally engageed! I am sure you are all aware and are tired of me talking about it!We knew we were getting married soon , we have planned and wished and talked about it but since we are moving back to NC for a few years we decided to get married here so that my familoy can be there. But this is a long time coming. We have both been afraid of getting married after both our previous marriages ended but when you finally let go of the fear and let love take over you realize how many years you let slip away. Tony and i are very excited. We are having a Vegas Wedding! The Bridal Shower is this weekend and I had to hurry an register which was a whole new experience for me (loved it) Then Mickele decided to host a reception/going away party the following weekend. So as you can see I have been in frantic planning a wedding mode. I made my own flowers which saved us a lot of money! We got our rings and of course the dress! (love it) So bascially just waiting for Oct 8th to get here!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Fun!!! In a nut shell

Again I find it so hard to update my blog! Why? I do not have any kids to keep me busy 24 hrs a day, Just Tony and softball and work! lol Anyway So I am going to keep it short because those of you that read this already seen my summer fun on facebook! We spent the 24th of July in God's Country in Fairview Utah! We had sooooo much fun! It was also Mom and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary
Yes they will kill me for that picture but I love it! Anyhooo so the weekend was filled with cousins, Rodeo and of course the main event the Fairview Derby. It was Tony and Amanda's first time in fairview and we couldnt wait to show them where we were raised.The fact that it was Tony's first Rodeo and derby ever made it even more fun!My family loved Tony and I think we laughed alllllll weekend long! I love them so much! So all of us kids made it there, PJ and Jen and the 4 kiddos and Adam and Amanda then Tony and I. Adam and Amanda and Tony and I all spent the night at Kammy's house and that was way fun because we stayed up laughing and joking alllll night! Poor Kenny! We got there Friday night for the Rodeo then up early for the Fairview Parade
We had a great cookout with everyone and then off to the Derby!
Then a few weeks later it was time to start the Summer Mega ticket with th girls. Kenny Chesney, TimMcGraw, Sugerland and Rascal Flats... FUN FUN! Here are a few pics of the concerts.
Also I have been playing softball this season and it was a blast! We ended up in
2nd place way to go Brew Crew!!